About Piano Lessons

I craft a unique learning plan for each student, enabling them to acheive their musical goals. My approach allows students to develop a love of music while learning fundamental skills such as piano technique, reading music, artistry and performance. Students also learn through creative experiences like improvisation, composition and ensemble playing.

My curriculum uses materials from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Piano Adventures and WunderKeys, as well as other music that is of particular interest to the student: pop music, movie/TV themes, jazz and classical favourites, Christmas songs, etc.

Students attend a weekly private lesson at my home studio. The length of the lesson depends on the age and level of the individual student.

30 Minute Lessons

  • Beginners and younger students.
  • Also suitable for other students pursuing piano on a more “recreational” level.

45 Minute Lessons

  • Late-Elementary & Intermediate level students.
  • Students preparing for Royal Conservatory Piano Exams (Preparatory A/B – Level 4) must have at least a 45-minute lesson.
  • Theory included.

 60 Minute Lessons

  • Students studying at RCM Levels 5-10.
  • Theory included.

Practice Expectations

Regular home practice is required to achieve steady and satisfying progress at the piano– the weekly lesson is only one part of the learning process. In general, students should be playing the piano 5-7 days each week. Instructions and goals for home practice will be given at each lesson, either in written form or using the Tonara app.

Performance Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in the studio recitals scheduled in December and June. These recitals allow students to work towards a goal, celebrate their progress at the piano, develop performance skills in a friendly environment and connect with peers. Other performance opportunities offered include: the PEIRMTA Young Musicians’ Recital Series and the Queens County Music Festival.


Many students choose to participate in Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Any student preparing for an RCM exam should participate in at least four performances per year.

Studio Policy 2023